Below The Stomach

Below the stomach candlestick is the inverted variety of the above the stomach pattern and acts as a bearish reversal of the up trend.

Below the Stomach

Tested performance: Bearish reversal 60% of the time
It occurs during an Uptrend; confirmation is required by the candles that follow the Pattern.
– The First Candle is long and white.
– The Second Candle is black (Although it could be also white); it has the Open below or at the same level of the midpoint of the Real Body of the First Candle. Whereas it has the Close below the Open of the First Candle and below the midpoint of the Real Body of the First Candle (In the case which the Second Candle is black).

To determine whether the candle is short or tall, compute its height from highest high to lowest low price in the candle pattern and divide by the breakout price.

Credit for YT video: IBRAHIM MOHAMMAD