Bullish Abandoned Baby

The bullish abandoned baby candlestick pattern is a bullish reversal and it is occurs at the bottom of downtrend.

Bullish Abandoned Baby

Theoretical performance: Bullish reversal

Look for the bullish abandoned baby in a downward price trend and find a black candle as the first day. Following that, a doji should appear that gaps below the two adjacent candle shadows. The last day is a white candle with a lower shadow that remains above the top of the doji.

Bullish Abandoned baby is occurs at the bottom of downtrend. It is composed of the first day Long black candlestick, the second day candlestick is appears as doji, followed by Long white candlestick. The difference between Morning Doji star and Bullish Abandoned baby is that the upper shadow of the doji is gap below the lower shadows of the first and third days candlesticks. Bullish Abandoned baby give a buy signal.

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In this tutorial about bullish abandoned baby candlestick patterns, this video focuses on a daily chart where in each candlestick details a single day's trading this is most important for online trading.

Let's start bullish abandoned baby, the bullish abandoned baby candlestick pattern is a bullish reversal with a good track record of reversing ranking 13th, there is just one problem you won't be able to find it the candle is rare with a frequency rank of 90 second out of 103 candle types when you can find it and assuming price breaks out downward you can make some change.

However, the bear market numbers have fewer than 20 samples so the performance is not likely to stand up. How to identify: one...first day is a red day, two, second day is a doji whose shadows gaps below the first day's close three. Third day is a white day with no overlapping shadows.

Psychology, the gap down on the second day encourages the Bears, however the closed on the second day is nearly the same as the open on the second day. This could be a sign of temporary profit taking by the shorts.

However, the third day reveals that the more likely scenario is indecision on the second day watch for upside price action in the next few days.