Bullish Separating Lines

The second candle is a Bullish Marubozu Opening to make sure the trend is continued a confirmation on the third day is needed.

Bullish Separating Lines

Theoretical performance: Bullish continuation
Tested performance: Bullish continuation 72% of the time

Look for a tall black candle in an upward price trend followed by a tall white candle. The two candles share a common opening price.

Bullish Separating Lines formation is a black candle on the first day followed by a Bullish Marubozu Opening. The opening price on the next day starts with a small gap above the previous day’s opening price and the share price reaches a new high.

In this tutorial about bullish separating lines candlestick patterns this video focuses on a daily chart where in each candlestick details a single day's trading this is most important for online trading.

Let's start bullish separating lines, lines that move in opposite directions.

The market is in an uptrend when there is a pullback exhibited by a long black dandle however the next day opens back u7p at the same level as it opened the prior day. The separating lines candlestick pattern has the same open and is the opposite color. This is the exact reverse of the meeting line pattern in other Japanese circles this is also known as fury wake or dividing lines. How to identify...one...first day is a long red day,...two...second day is a white. day that opens at the opening price of the first day. Psychology, the long red day produces skepticism in the bull market. The next day, the long white day... that forms eases concerns of the Bulls the uptrend should resume.