User Plans

Understand the concept of our platform and have a taste of the experience of what a subscription would look like.


-The user exchanges the specified amount of USDT for the use of the selected plan within a period of 30 days. The period starts from the date of transfer verification.

-The amount should be sent to the address: TTWhKYEYHpTJATtCRtQoUJnCyYB8zBwx31
-Network: TRX Tron (TRC20)

-It is mandatory to send the TxID of transaction to email in order to be able to identify the transfer in relation to the user's registered email.
-The user will be notified 7 days before the expiration of the user plan as well as on the day of the expiration itself. It is necessary for the user to add to his email contact list so that messages and email alerts do not accidentally end up in spam.
-The remaining amount of email alerts, if any, will be added to the corresponding amount that goes with the user plan that is being renewed.

However, the system is designed to limit the maximum number of free email alert options to 900 per user. There will be no additions beyond that number.
This practically means that, if, for example, the user accumulates 850 free email alerts, he will be added as many as he needs up to the number of 900 when renewing the plan, regardless of the corresponding number by type of user plan.
In other words, 900 is the maximum number of slots for email alerts for an individual user.

The free plan cannot be renewed, it is necessary to choose one of the other plans.
-The system is based on strict observance of a period of 30 days, which means that no subsequent email alerts will be added during that period. This is inevitable due to the nature of the server, script and free email slots.
-If the user does not renew the plan, his list of watched coins remains intact, but he will not be able to use the add or edit options, nor the email alert system. When he renews the plan, the new period starts from the date of transfer verification, with the return of all the mentioned options.
By registering and verifying their email address, the user accepts the stated terms of use.

The main value of this site is the use of a engine for comparative monitoring of the prices of selected coins on the cryptocurrencies market.
That mechanism is called Portfolio, which can be used in several ways, depending on the needs.

The plans are designed so that users can, starting from the free plan, see their needs in terms of monitoring the price of certain cryptocurrencies on the online market.


This is the first Portfolio object you will see.
BTC is the default here and cannot be deleted.
The Current price field is the real-time price on the spot market, which is refreshed every 10 seconds.

The Target price field is the value you want to monitor and can be used to set up an email Alert that will go to your email inbox when it is reached. That way, you will be immediately informed about the reached price.

If you set the Wallet price, regardless of whether you actually have that coin or not, the % field will give you the percentage difference between the Wallet price and the Current price, in real time.
This is useful if you want to sell a certain coin on the market and you want to know the percentage of profit or loss immediately.


You only enter the name of the Coin itself, the script automatically defines it as a Coin/USDT pair and thus checks it on the market. If such a pair does not exist on the Binance market, a warning will appear.
Target and Wallet prices are optional and can be entered later, as well as setting up email alerts.

You can change basic parametars in any time. You can switch on/off email alert and script will show you the remainig alerts based on your plan.


In the upper right corner of the Portfolio table, you can see when your user plan expires.
There is another possibility of using the Portfolio mechanism, which is setting the Current and Wallet prices of all coins in real time.
By clicking on the Wallet price in the header of the Portfolio table, you will be asked if you want those prices to be aligned with the current state of the Binance market.
This allows you to follow the price dynamics of selected coins in relation to each other and above all, in relation to BTC, expressed as a percentage.
Some prices will rise more and some less, which can be useful if you want to choose a promising coin in the observed time.