My Simple Scalping Strategy

This is still a profitable strategy but instead of hiding the normal candles just change it to a blue line then do the backtest again

Credit for YT video: The Trading Ace

Today you will learn my best scalping strategy that will be making you profits like these on a daily basis.

This strategy can literally grow your account by thousands of percent in a matter of days so make sure to watch the video all the way through to understand how you can also do this.

I will also back test this strategy 100 times on the EUR USD chart so you can see the numbers behind it. For the back test I will use Trader Edge, that way I can backtest five times quicker. You can sign up for a seven day free trial by using the link in the description. Without any further Ado let's get into it!

First thing you want to do is open trading View and select what pair you want to trade. This strategy will work on any pair so just choose whichever one you like, next select the time frame. I recommend the one minute time frame because that's where I've gotten the best results.

Next step will be to open the indicators Tab and search for linear regression candles, add it to the chart and open the settings of the indicator by clicking right here. In the input section change the signal smoothing to 7, head over to the style section and make the plot line a bit thicker so it's easier to see, after that click ok. Now, click right here and hide the normal candles. This way we only see the linear regression candles.

Again go back to the indicators Tab and this time we're going to search for utbot alerts. Select this one by Quant nomad, again we need to access the settings so click here and in the inputs tab change the key value to 2, then change the ATR to 11 and click ok. This indicator will be our entry confirmation so when it prints a Buy signal we open a long trade and when it prints a cell signal we open a short trade and for our final indicator, head back to the indicators Tab and search for STC. Choose the STC indicator better macd by Cheyenne km.

We're going to use this indicator to avoid a lot of false signals so we're only going to take Longs when the line is green and only take shorts if the line is red. Now let's go over the conditions for opening a trade. First, for a long trade we need the UT bot alerts indicator to issue a Buy Signal, second condition is to have a green linear regression candle that has closed above the white line and last but not least, the STC indicator needs to be colored green. All of these conditions were met so we enter a long trade right here, we set the stop loss just under the white line and the target is not actually going to be set right now but we will wait for a linear regression candle that closes red and then we will exit the trade. In this case we would close the trade for a profit right here

Now here's another example of a long trade. As you can see the linear regression candle is green and it also closed above the white line. We also see you t-bot alerts issued a Buy Signal right here and finally the STC indicator line is colored green so we enter a trade on this candle. Put the stop loss under the white line and we will close the trade on the first red candle which is this one. Again we would make a huge profit.

Now let's go over the conditions for entering a short trade. We will basically do the opposite of a long trade so we need to see a red linear regression candle closed below the white line. We also need the utbot alerts to issue a sell signal and lastly the STC indicator needs to be colored red. All of these conditions were met here so we enter a short trade. We will set the stop loss just above the white line and the first candle which closes green is this one so we exit the trade here.

Let's go over one more example of a short trade. We see that there's short signal issued here and we also have a red candle that closed below the white line and last but not least the STC line is red so we enter a trade here and set the stop loss above the white line. First green candle appeared here so we closed the trade again for a profit. Now that you know all of the rules for this strategy I'm going to go ahead and back test it 100 times. The initial account size is going to be set at one thousand dollars and we're going to be risking two percent of that every time we take a trade so let's start.

So I finished the back testing and here are the results. The win rate for the strategy is 65% this is very good for a one minute scalping strategy especially when it has such a big risk to reward ratio most of the time. But this is definitely not the most exciting part about it. Just take a look at the profit made after taking 100 trades with the strategy we increase the account size by over seven thousand six hundred percent meaning that our initial one thousand dollars has turned into seventy six thousand dollars. Of course you should expect these numbers to be a bit lower when trading live because of spreads and fees and also you won't be able to take trades 24 hours a day so you should back test and forward test this strategy with paper money first before trading live. The Profit factor is 7.63 and we had five consecutive wins against three consecutive losses. The largest profit made on a single trade was 30 percent and the maximal drawdown for the strategy is only 5.88 percent so definitely give the strategy a try.